Duty Rebates

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Duty Rebates

Many companies spend more than necessary on duty costs when importing into Canada and the US. We are here to reduce those costs!

Duty rebates, also known as customs duty rebates or import duty refunds, are services or processes that allow individuals or businesses to obtain a refund of customs duties paid on imported goods under specific circumstances.

Customs duties are taxes imposed by governments on goods imported into a country. Duty rebates can help reduce the overall cost of importing goods and are typically governed by customs authorities.

which duty rebates may apply

Exportation of Goods

Many countries offer duty rebates for goods that were initially imported but are later re-exported. The idea is to promote international trade by minimizing the financial burden on goods that are not consumed domestically.

Defective or Damaged Goods

If imported goods are found to be defective, damaged, or substandard, and are subsequently returned or destroyed, duty rebates may be available. This helps businesses recover import duties paid on unusable goods.

Humanitarian Aid or Diplomatic Missions

Some countries provide duty rebates for goods imported for humanitarian aid or diplomatic missions to support international relief efforts or diplomatic functions.

Free Trade Zones

Goods imported into certain designated free trade zones or special economic zones may be eligible for duty rebates when they are later exported or used for specific activities within the zone.

Processing Trade

In some cases, imported goods are used as raw materials or components in the production of finished products that are then re-exported. Duty rebates can apply to the portion of customs duties paid on the imported inputs used for manufacturing.

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