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Tax Credit Claims

Are you maximizing all the various types of Refundable/Non-refundable Tax Credits and Tax Rebates available to you across Canada beyond SRED Tax Credits?

Tax credits are financial incentives provided by governments to encourage certain behaviors, investments, or activities. They are designed to reduce the amount of taxes owed by offsetting a portion of the tax liability.

Types Of Tax Credits

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

This is a tax credit for low to moderate-income working individuals and families. Eligible individuals can claim this credit to reduce their tax liability and, in some cases, receive a refund.

Child Tax Credit

This credit is available to parents or guardians of qualifying children. It provides a reduction in the amount of income tax you owe and can be partially refundable.

Education Credits

These include the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit, which help with the cost of higher education expenses.

Energy Tax Credits

These credits are designed to encourage energy-efficient home improvements or the use of renewable energy sources.

Research and Development Tax Credit

This credit is offered to businesses that engage in qualified research activities. It aims to encourage innovation and investment in research and development.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

This credit incentivizes the construction or rehabilitation of low-income housing properties.

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