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Wage Subsidies Canada

Reduce your costs of hiring new employees by utilizing wage subsidy programs in Canada for both permanent and/or summer, full time and/or part time employees.

A wage subsidy is a financial incentive provided by governments or organizations to employers to offset a portion of the wages paid to employees. These subsidies are designed to encourage the hiring of certain groups of individuals or to support businesses facing economic challenges.

Employment Subsidies for Targeted Groups

Youth Employment Subsidies

These subsidies encourage employers to hire young individuals, typically those who are new to the workforce.

Veterans' Employment Subsidies

Designed to help veterans transition into civilian employment, these subsidies offer financial support to businesses that hire veterans.

Long-Term Unemployed Subsidies

These programs provide incentives to hire individuals who have been out of work for an extended period.

Economic Development Wage Subsidies

Rural or Underserved Area Subsidies

Some governments offer wage subsidies to businesses that create jobs in rural or economically disadvantaged areas.

Green Jobs Subsidies

These subsidies encourage the creation of environmentally friendly or sustainable jobs in industries like renewable energy and conservation.

Specialized Workforce Wage Subsidies

Disability Employment Subsidies

These subsidies support the hiring of individuals with disabilities, aiming to enhance workplace diversity and inclusivity.

Seniors Employment Subsidies

Encourage the hiring of older workers to harness their skills and experience.

Enable a return to profitability

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wage subsidies canada
wage subsidies canada