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Grants / Rebates

Attending trade shows outside of Canada? Need funds to develop a marketing strategy? Constructing homes/high-rise buildings? Need to purchase equipment or improve your manufacturing processes? Let us help you access financial support to help your business thrive.

Grants and rebates are financial incentives or assistance programs offered by governments, non-profit organizations, or private entities to individuals, businesses, or organizations for various purposes. These programs can help people save money, invest in specific projects, or support particular activities.

Business Grants Canada

Government Business Grants

These are funds provided by government agencies to support a wide range of activities, such as scientific research, education, social programs, infrastructure development, and more. Government grants can be awarded to individuals, businesses, or non-profit organizations.

Non-Profit Grants

Non-profit organizations often offer grants to other non-profits, community groups, or individuals to fund projects or initiatives that align with their missions. These grants may support areas like health, education, the environment, and social services.

Foundation Grants

Private foundations and charitable organizations provide grants to address specific societal issues or support innovative projects. These grants can target a wide range of causes and activities.

Business Rebates Canada

Energy Rebates

Energy rebates are offered to incentivize energy-efficient practices. These rebates may be available to homeowners or businesses that invest in energy-saving appliances, lighting, insulation, or renewable energy systems.

Appliance Rebates

Many governments offer rebates for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances, promoting reduced energy consumption and cost savings for consumers.

Vehicle Rebates

Governments and car manufacturers often provide rebates or incentives to encourage the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles, which are more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

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At Sovereign Consulting, we are passionate about your success. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch business consulting services.We offer a free consultation to assess your eligibility and develop a grant application strategy. Contact us today to learn more!

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